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What's new in simplebim 6.1

Simplebim® 6.1 is here! The three major improvements in this release are clipping planes in the 3D palette, improved Table palette and localization. Update your simplebim now and watch the getting started tutorials to learn more about simplebim 6.1.

Clipping Planes
Clipping planes are a long awaited improvement to our 3D palette. You can set any number of clipping planes from faces in your model or isolate a selection by automatically creating clipping planes around the selection. Once created clipping planes can be freely moved (hold down Shift key), hidden and deleted.

Viewer Navigation
Normally simplebim uses the right mouse button for navigation because the left mouse button is used for drag&drop. With the now introduced more familiar viewer navigation option you use the left mouse button for navigation, but loose the possibility to drag&drop objects from the 3D palette.

Simplebim is now ready for localization, because we feel that using simplebim in your own language is an important step in making BIM simple. Localization is initially in Finnish and a preview in German, but we plan to improve and expand the language selection.

Table Palette
The totally renewed Table palette now supports multi level groups and summaries giving you an easy way to drill into the data in your model. You can drag&drop an object class, objects of the same object class, objects from different object classes, multiple groups or a group category into the Table palette. You can filter the visible rows using rules, like ‘all walls where height is greater than 4m’, show, hide and re-organize columns. Finally you can copy data to the clipboard, save to Excel and PDF or print.

Area Selection
The accuracy of the area selection in the 3D palette is improved and it now has two modes. Selecting from left to right select all objects that intersect with the selection rectangle, while selecting from right to left only selects objects that are completely inside the selection rectangle.

Assembly Splitting
In the location editor you can now control how assemblies are split. You can leave assemblies untouched by splitting or split assemblies such that each assembly only contains building elements from a single location. You can also override the default setting on the assembly level for example if you want to split roofs but not precast concrete elements.

New BCF Manager 3.1
You can find out more about the new features of the BCF Manager at

New Quick Select Options
The default Quick Select in the 3D palette now selects a single object, or if the object is part of an assembly, the top level assembly. The other new Quick Select options are Type Object, Object Classification, Object Group, Zone, System, Subsystem – Downstream and Subsystem – Upstream.

Script Improvements
Multiple improvements to running simplebim with a script; script variables, template variables and wildcards in file names when merging models. For more information please visit

Other improvements and bug fixes