Support site for Simplebim users

Which version of simplebim am I using?

  1. Start simplebim
  2. Open the About dialog

  3. The About dialog shows your simplebim version on the top of the dialog

Sending your setup to simplebim support

Please follow these instructions if you are asked by simplebim support to send your setup for troubleshooting purposes

  1. Start simplebim
  2. Open the About dialog

  3. Copy your setup to the clipboard

  4. Create a new email to
  5. Paste the text from the clipboard to the email and give the email a meaningful subject
  6. Send the email

Writing Log File

When simplebim crashes the log file can help our technical support to figure out the problem. To enable writing a log file hold down Ctrl and Shift while starting simplebim. This shows a 'Simplebim startup options' dialog.

Specify a log file and click OK and simplebim starts normally. Now perform the actions that cause simplebim to crash and when simplebim is closed, send the resulting log file to our support.

3D Palette: Device Lost Error


You may get an error message in the 3D palette that reads

DirectX device reset failed with error code: D3DERR_DEVICELOST

This may happen for example when you put Windows into sleep mode and simplebim is running.


The solution is to reload the 3D palette. Simply click 'Reload 3D' in the '3D' ribbon tab

3D Palette: Crash after model import


I import a model into simplebim and the progress reporting of the import completes. Then the model trimmer workspace opens and you see the Objects and Properties palettes normally, but the 3D palette says 'Loading 3D'. At this point the application crashes.
Solution The problem is the registration of the 3D palette. This can happen when you install a new version of simplebim side-by-side with an older version of simplebim, and then later uninstall the older version and start the newer version. The solution is to re-install the new version simplebim, which registers the 3D palette.

 3D Palette: Model not shown

Issue I import a model into simplebim and the progress reporting of the import completes. Then the model trimmer workspace opens but I don't see the model in the 3D palette.

There can be several reasons why the model does not show up. The model may really be empty, it can be very far away from the origin, it may have objects that are very far away from each other or it contains only small objects that are scattered on a large area.

A model can be very far away from the origin but this alone does not cause an empty 3D window (if you are using simplebim 6.0 SR2 or later). In such cases the model is automatically moved virtually closer to the origin for display purposes and shown normally in 3D. This has no effect on the actual coordinates and when you export to IFC the model will still be in it's original location far from the origin.
  1. Update to Simplebim 7 or Simplebim 6.1 SR4 and this issue is solved. If you can't update, please follow the instructions below.
  2. Import the model that does not show up in 3D and check in the Objects palette if the model has any building elements. If there are no building elements, there is probably nothing to show in 3D.
  3. If you are using an older version, update to simplebim 6.0 SR2 or later because simplebim 6.0 SR2 fixes a bug relating to models that are far away from the global origin. If you don't know which version of simplebim your are using, please see the instructions above (Which version of simplebim am I using?)    
  4. Import the model that does not show up and run the Exclude Far Away Objects tool. If the model has objects that are very far away from each other, and the 3D window is zoomed to the whole model, then nothing will show in the 3D window because all objects are smaller than one pixel. Instructions for running tools can be found here.
  5. Import the model that does not show up. Hit Ctrl+A in the 3D palette (selects all objects and makes them red) and zoom in with the mouse wheel. If your model has a only small objects scattered on a large area, then all objects may be smaller than one pixel when simplebim automatically zooms to the whole model. This usually only happens with electrical models.
  6. Update your graphics driver to the latest version and try again
  7. Install the Alternative 3D add-on. This add-on installs another 3D window that is slower than the default one, but so far has been able to show all models on all computers. If you install this add-on and it solves your problem, please send us your setup so we have more data for solving the issue. You can find the instructions for sending us your setup below (Sending your setup to simplebim support).

 Workspace: Blank or scrambled

Issue When I open a workspace it is missing palettes, looks otherwise funny or is completely blank (white), but other workspaces don't have problems.

The problem is in the stored settings for that workspace. The solution is to reset the workspace.

  1. Open the problematic workspace
  2. Click on the Reset Workspace button in the ribbon

If you have the issue with all workspaces you can Ctrl+Click the Reset Workspace button to reset all workspace. You will be prompted to confirm the operation.

Corrupted application settings


Simplebim saves settings into various files in the user's profile folder. Like with any files, these settings files can get corrupted for a number of reasons. If the happens you may get an error message like

Access to the path 'C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Datacubist\simplebim\6\User.config' is denied


The solution is to delete the user settings file and simplebim will automatically create a new file. The root file for the settings is User.config and deleting this file will reset all user settings.

The default folder for user settings is: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Datacubist\simplebim\6

If you want to preserve settings you can copy all .config files from the settings folder and any of its sub folders to another location. When the settings have been reset you can then copy files back to restore your settings in those files.


Object class missing from Excel export


When I export data to Excel objects in a object class, like Wall, are not exported even though objects of that class are included.

In Excel the worksheet for the object class is missing


Objects that don't have any included properties are not exported to Excel. Make sure the object class has included properties and try again.

Colors missing / changed after IFC export


When I export to IFC some objects loose color information


If all objects loose color information, please read how to Export Colors to IFC

If only some objects loose / change color information the reason is how Simplebim handles object colors. In IFC each object can have multiple appearances (color + transparency), for example a window object may have a different appearance for the frame and glazing. This possibility was seldom used before but is becoming more common. Currently Simplebim can only store one appearance for each object and if the object has multiple appearances, the appearance Simplebim uses is chosen randomly at import. When the object is exported back to IFC the whole object gets this randomly selected appearance. For example the window might be completely opaque and brown (apperance of the frame) or transparent and blue (the appearance of the glazing). There is unfortunately currently no solution for this but we are working on improving Simplebim such that it can handle multiple appearances for one object.