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Add Your Own Properties to the Model

You can add new properties to the model using a template and also specify how these properties are written into IFC. The typical scenario is to add new property set properties.

Step 1 – Introduce your property

Worksheet Resources
Sections Add Identity Source
Add Identity (for IFC PropertySet)

Add an identity for your property, including the mapping of your property to IFC. Each Identity needs an Identity Source, i.e. who has defined that identity. You should come up with a real one for the context in which you use templates, but for testing simply use a dummy one like below.


Step 2 – Add your property to object classes 

Worksheet Model
Section Add Property to Object

Add the property to one or more Object Classes on the Model worksheet using the identity you defined in the first step. You can use the same identity for properties on multiple Object Classes if the same IFC mapping is suitable for all of them.