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Alternative 3D

When should I use this add-on?

This add-on does not exist for Simplebim 7 because the issue for which this add-on provides a work-around has been solved in Simplebim 7.

If you import a model and but can't see anything in the 3D palette when the import is completed, then please first try the related troubleshooting steps here. Look at the '3D Palette: Model not shown' section. Only if those steps don't solve the issue, please continue here.

We have encountered cases where the model just does not show up in our high performance 3D window. This happens on some computer, but even on those computers not with all models. We are working on fixing the issue, but currently the workaround is to install the Alternative 3D add-on.

Installing and using this add-on

Download the installer from

Close simplebim, install the add-on and start simplebim again.

A new 'Use Alternative 3D' checkbox appears in the footer area (see image below)




Once the checkbox is checked you can import your IFC model normally and the user interface will be otherwise identical to the default, only the 3D window will be slightly different. Please note that you must check this checkbox before importing a model.

You only have to check the box when opening models that don't show up in the default 3D window. For all other models we recommend you use the default 3D window.